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Coworking and shared offices
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The SOS Business Centre of the Month Award was started in 2012 as we wanted to showcase and reward offices who have taken the...

Centre of the month

Luxury is the word for this month’s BC of the Month award. A huge congratulations to London Executive Offices for their bus...

London offices hit with £1.4 bn rise in business rates bill

London offices hit with rise in business rates bill

As offices in the London face a record increase in business rates- 33% over the next five years- serviced offices are likely to become an [...]

How to woo your coworker crush this Valentine’s Day

coworker crush

Declare your undying love for the work wife, husband or crush in your life this Tuesday 14th February with one following (hopefully) failsafe gestures…. 1. [...]

Surge in coworking boosts London serviced office market

Co-working office space

The rising popularity of coworking spells good things for London’s serviced office market. What is coworking? Let’s start with what coworking isn’t. Coworking is not [...]

How do coworking offices make money?

London offices hit with £1.4 bn rise in business rates bill

According to research published by DeskMag &, the largest chunk of a coworking space’s income derives from renting out individual workstations; the biggest expense [...]

High-End Serviced Offices: Mayfair

high-end serviced offices in Mayfair

Take a look inside the crème de la crème of serviced offices in Mayfair. It’s luxurious, it’s affluent, it’s the place the SOS team call [...]

Top 5 Places For Coffee in Mayfair

Coffee in Mayfair

Coffee. For many, it fuels every working day- and in more extreme cases- every waking hour. Two billion cups of the stuff are consumed each [...]

Regeneration of Battersea Power Station Will Create More Office Space in London

Battersea Powerstation to create more office space in London

According to developers, once complete, Battersea Power Station will boast ‘the largest new office district in Central London’. A visual icon Built in the 1930s [...]

Exclusive: i2 Open Two New Serviced Offices In London

i2 serviced office Victoria

Prominent serviced workspace provider i2 have some exciting news: they’ll be unveiling not one, but two brand new serviced offices in London this year, both of [...]