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Author Archives: Lisa Green


Lisa is our newest addition to the content writing team, working as a content writer executive. She has been working as a freelance writer for over eight years and loves her job. You can find Lisa on

Entrance to the underground station, London

A Guide on How to Survive Future Tube Strikes

How the 2015 tube strike began It seems as if the London tube strikes happen on an annual basis, much like the summer holidays, but [...]

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10 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Office Productivity

Many people make the assumption that office work is less taxing than manual labour, but this is a theory that should be discouraged. The differences [...]

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A Healthy Office Space

A Healthy Office Space Equals a Healthy Mind

Some of us thrive under pressure and can even find the stress of it all, motivating, but if the pressure becomes excessive it can lead [...]

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