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Inside Google’s quirky Dublin HQ

The media giant has created what may well be a model for offices of the future.


Google, Fortune Global’s number one company to work for, has once again challenged the conventions of the modern office space through a massive overhaul of their Dublin HQ.

Representing something of a workspace playground, and apparently taking visual cues from the company’s London offices, the interiors are subject to megalithic sculptures stylised to resemble the iconic search engine homepage.

The complex spans four buildings located in the heart of Dublin’s docklands district, and boasts over 150,000 square feet, 42 micro kitchens, 400 formal and informal meeting rooms, a pool, and several “wellness areas”.

Masterminded and designed by Zurich-based architectural innovators Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Henry J. Lyons Architects, it now represents Google’s EU headquarters, as well as serving as the centre for sales and finances in Europe, the Middles East, and Africa (EMEA).

According to the architects, each floor embodies a factor of the company’s “unique identity and strong values”, with themes including ‘SEARCH’, ‘APPINESS’, ‘BE GREEN’, ‘CREATE’, and ‘INNOVATE’. Famous for their remarkable employee perks – most notably the ‘20% creative time’ program – Google has once again opted for vast open-plan space, encouraging collaboration and communication.

The company’s whimsical approach to office space design appears to do away with the concept of the designated desk space – instead, an agile workspace feel is promoted, allowing employees to make full use of the environments around them.

Perhaps this is the office of the future? Contemporary, multi-functional, and with a strong emphasis on collaboration and mobility, Google’s continued meteoric rise seems to point to just this.


Photos used with the permission of Camenzind Evolution.







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