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Berkeley Square office space recovers after storm

Scaffold structure brought down in winds


Businesses operating in Berkeley Square office space are running smoothly after a large scaffold structure was brought down by high winds in Monday’s storm.

Fortunately nobody was harmed as the scaffolding was brought down in early morning winds reaching speeds of 99 mph.

The scaffolding, which extended over several levels of a Berkeley Square office building, collapsed halfway across an adjacent road, bringing morning traffic to a standstill for several hours.

The London Fire Brigade dealt with a number of incidents involving office buildings, residential properties, and traffic accidents across the capital.

A spokesperson said: “Wed had a busy morning, and attended a number of wind-related incidents – mostly trees & scaffolding in precarious positions.”

Also affected on Monday morning was the Cabinet Office, which was victim to a buckling crane that caused chaos on a rooftop construction site.

In Leyton, east London, a road was blocked when 100 metres of two-story scaffolding was brought down.

More than 100 trees were damaged on Hampstead Heath in the storm between 6am and 7.30am.

No office buildings in Mayfair, or beyond, were damaged in the storm.

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